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Dream Update

While I have had less pressure dreaming, I have still been generating quite odd dreams. Without the subconscious thought in my head that I need to keep dreaming before I go to sleep, I found it easy to have outlandish dreams again, but just not on a regular basis. I had dreams that were more random and less about what would be on my mind close to bedtime. I also didn’t dream every night, but when I did, I was always in a very unconscious state of mind. My dreams are strong and concrete. There were more interesting things that happened, but also not being able to record them down, I cannot give you the exact details. Sometimes I find myself writing my dreams down for the hell of it because they are so bizarre and funny.


October 13 Make Up

James White is a phenomenal digital artist. He uses Photoshop and Photography to make his images come to life. His pieces are very much like advertisements, given his pieces.  He also uses animation in his pieces. He is a fabulous artist.

10/6 Makeup Post

“The Schizophrenic Brain”  as Guilherme Marconi refers to himself, leads him to make incredible pieces of art. His pieces are very trippy and psychedelic and he too, uses mixed media. He uses graffiti and photography and then photoshops it together. His pieces have great balance, exciting and bright colors, and really get the point across that he notes that he wishes to get across. He is inspired by the people around him and likes to make the piece around him very happy. Some of his pieces below can be a tad overwhelming, but that is just Marconi’s great style!


Makeup Post 10/4

One of my favorite digital artists so far has been Erik Finsrud, also known as Norik in the art world. His digital art pieces are spectacular and does work for major companies, and is currently working for Nike. He founded Typcut in 2009, where he curates a selection of works from other artists and designers, and takes their pieces to a new level. He is very famous in the digital art community and spends time making unique digital works. He recreated a lot on the Nike website as well, making the website a whole new piece of graphic art!









9/22 Makeup Post

Christopher Haines is another memorable and notable digital artist. He too is an Australian born digital artist and he works in mediums such as photography, mixed medias, painting, illustrator, Photoshop, and more. Something I found interesting in regards to his work was his use of people. He uses a lot of people in his work, and makes a realistic photograph, such as athletes, into an entirely different meaning. His camera angles are phenomenal and grabs the right areas in which he wants to maneuver and create something spectacular. He then photoshops and illustrates over his photographs; making a standard photograph into something SO much more! 


9/24 Makeup Post

I came across the Australian digital artist, Luke Lucas, and I was extremely mesmerized by his work. He has a very unique sense of style and uses the computer and typography to execute that. His pieces also send messages. While he is usually hired to do pieces for specific purposes, he always makes them convey messages and to coordinate. He is a very clean and talented artist. He uses digital mediums such as the computer, typography, as well as lasers! I found that all to be extremely interesting.  Hype Today, Gone Tomorrow is a piece he created to explain the internet at a showcase exhibition in Australia. He is very symbolic as well. Image